Kitten rescued from atop utility pole in California

Animal Services crews and utility workers came to the rescue of a kitten found perched atop a power pole near her owner’s California home.

Heather Padilla, of Indio, said her family’s 9-month-old kitten, Ruth, disappeared from their home during the weekend, and after days of searching they spotted the feline perched atop a utility pole outside their home.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services said crews were dispatched to the neighborhood Tuesday and they contacted Imperial Irrigation District, the local power company, to help bring Ruth back to the ground.

The power company responded with a bucket truck, and a worker was lifted into the air to pluck the kitten from the top of the pole.

Padilla said Ruth was taken to a local animal hospital to be checked out.

“I’m having her checked to make sure she is OK and to get fluids if she needs,” Padilla wrote in a Facebook post.

She said Ruth would be strictly an indoor cat from now on.