Jersey number reportedly was an issue in OBJ to Rams

Of all the various factors that Odell Beckham Jr. had to consider this week in picking his next team, an apparently important one became a sticking point between OBJ and the L.A. Rams.

The number he’ll wear.

As reported by Adam Schefter of, Beckham’s number became “one of the only holdups” in the talks between the two teams. Beckham has worn No. 13 in the NFL; quarterback John Wolford already has that number, and once the season starts the number can’t be changed. Beckham wore No. 3 at LSU, but that’s being held for running back Cam Akers, who is currently injured. Schefter also mentions No. 1, which was worn by receiver DeSean Jackson and was available.

Although Beckham currenty has no number issued to him on the roster listed at the official website, the Rams say Beckham will wear No. 3. In other words, too bad Cam Akers.